Life Lesson From Tigers Loss

I don’t know if you have heard or not but Tiger Woods did not win last weekend’s masters…

I watched as the master himself began to let his lead slip away as Y. E. Yang defeated Wood’s shooting incredible on his final two holes….

So… If you know me you know how my head works… If you don’t let me enlighten you… I love learning! I love looking at situations and observing and trying to see things that people miss… I really like to learn life lessons… either for parents, students, or leaders.. I love life lessons…

The point of this post was something Tiger said in the press conference after his lost….

Tiger was going through the reasons he lost the tournament, he talked about how his putting was awful about how he couldn’t hit anything on the green… He said “I hit well enough to win, but did not put like a champion” (Loosely translated)

But he did say one thing that will stick with me for quite some time. Tiger said that throughout all the changes that he has made to his game he was proud of himself.

Did you catch that… Tiger Wood’s has changed the way he played throughout the years...

When I heard that it got my head spinning… Because so many people would look at someone like Tiger who is so good and think, “Oh he’s just that good, he doesn’t need to upgrade his game”…. But think about it… Yes Tiger lost… But WOW has Tiger really WON! I mean there is only one other guy (in the world) who has been able to come from behind to beat Tiger…

But wow… Even I wouldn’t think that Tiger would have to keep changing his game… But i mean if you think about… if he didn’t change, then everyone around him would watch him and learn how to really hit the ball like Tiger… If Tiger never changed his game he would probably be hitting the ball like he was when he first joined the Tour…

Think about it… I bet it wasn’t easy for Tiger possibly the greatest golfer ever to change his game… After all he is one of the greats! But he has! And because he stayed current he has won in tournament winnings over 90 Million Dollars through out his career… Will Tiger will every match, Nope… Will Tiger keep getting better, yes… Do we have something to learn, Yeah!

Life Lesson: If you want to keep winning you must keep changing the way you play the game!


One thought on “Life Lesson From Tigers Loss

  1. Tom- brother, keep fighting the good fight. Strive for what is ahead, do not look back. Don’t give your time looking around, but keep your eyes focused on Him. Leaders are learners and you are well on your way to being a great leader. To bad that takes time too, but its true. The best youth pastors are 35 and older. Well 35 and those who had decided to learn way back when they started. Tom I am proud of you!

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