Looking Ahead (Getting In the Game)

I heard Any Stanley once say this statement:

When your memories outnumber your dreams,

your end is near. Keep dreaming…

How true this is for pretty much every area of our lives, wither it be leadership or our relationship with Christ or even seemingly small things like waiting for our favorite bands next CD or maybe in waiting for someone to be everything we want them to be! What ever it is it’s important to remember the past but look to the future with great anticipation!

I have always tried to keep a pretty opportunist outlook on life, because you never know what will happen next!!! But there are times when I forget, I forget who God is, I forget how BIG God is and I forget that He’s never finished… its in those times that the memories outnumber the dreams… It’s in those times when the doubts come and the frustrations mount…. Those times really don’t help me much at all… Thankfully those times are usually short lived and I am reminded again to dream!

I love to imagine…. without the how… Dreaming without the how… So important!

This community on fire for Christ!

200+ Students coming out on a  Youth Night!

Hundreds of students finding Christ and taking Him to their schools!

Families being united!

Students allowing Christ to Impact their  family, the church, their community,  this world!

If you don’t dream bigger than what is in front of you won’t go anywhere… you are dying…

So… Put your Cracker Jack box DOWN! Get out of the stands! Get in the game! What are you doing now that will allow the dream to become a reality!


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