So… I’ve been studying Matthew 10 for the up coming series in collide. It’s been a col study so far and this week we are talking about getting it out.. Focusing on sharing our story of what Christ has done in our lives..
It’s cool if you read verses 5-7 you get the feeling that Jesus was pretty big on having a direct focus… He is so direct in who not to go to and who to go to with the gospel!!

When I read this passage I think, how does this apply to us here today… I think Jesus has given each of us a very powerful story…. One that one we can use to reach people that He has lined up for us to impact with our story…. Think about it Jesus wants to use you not reach everyone around the world but intact more focused than that…. How about those people around you!!! Not those across the room but the ones who sit right next to you who pass by everyday…. Do they know Jesus? Do you know their story??? How much their story might match your story of before you
Met Christ….. Get it out…. Share your story… That’s why God gave it to you!!!!!