Resource List: Hurt People Hurt People…. Get Help Because Healed People Heal People

Hey this a list for anyone struggling with various issues. This is not extensive and i’m sure there are many more out there… but here are a few I think are worth a look:

Self Injury: – This is a great site BC it gives you a free 60 course to help you focus on God getting the glory through your healing process – This a great encouragement for anyone hurting and not feeling like God is close to helping at all – Is Forgiveness Possible, Check it! Just because forgiveness is possible doesn’t mean you say stuck in your sin.

Porn – This is a great site for both accountability software and a good reminder that Jesus Loves YOU!!! I love what these guys are doing and how God is using them! – This a course to help those who are struggling with sexual issues, but it costs money… not cool šŸ™‚ – This site is amazing! 60 day free courses for those who are struggling with porn and various other sinful habits – another software program to help you break the habit, this program costs money, one of the cool things is that it offers a instant alert opportunity that will let your Accountability partner know your doing something you shouldn’t be… they can call you and get you away from the computer.

Dirt Little Secret, Craig Gross
Everyman, everywoman, every young adults (Battle)
It came from with in, Andy Stanley
Porn again Christian, Mark Driscoll (This is available online for free)

I will add more… But one piece of advice….
These resources are great! But you need to tell someone, an adult who can help… Some students only share their problems with other students and it looks something like two blind guys trying to stay away from the edge of the cliff….. Talk with a pastor or a Christian counselor… Remember this, Your pastor is not a trained counselor.. that doesn’t mean he can’t help or won’t BC we will… But when you have the option share with your pastor but go speak with a professional Christian counselor…. PS> Christians need counseling too… its not a position of weakness… sometimes Christians need MORE counseling than non-Christians B/C they have believed the lie that Christians don’t have problems and things have piled on… Get Help šŸ™‚ God wants you to be free šŸ™‚

Hope these help šŸ™‚


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