A Thursday Wake Up Call!!!

So Last night was our Christmas Morning party!!! It had its ups and downs but over all it was pretty AWESOME!!! Here are some reflections from my POV..
* 5 students recommitted their lives to Christ!!!! That is AWESOME!!!
* We had many students bring food items to help us pull off our Christmas morning breakfast… Most of the students brought there stuff!!! That was awesome we didn’t have to go buy more stuff
* I have an AMAZING volunteer team!!! The food people were so organized and they had everything “under control” Its such a blessing to watch them serve because of how talented they are!!!
* We have a great team of people in place from leading games to leading worship… its pretty cool to see Jesus reflected in the people who lead our students!
* I had a student come up to me and tell me that last night was our one year anniversary… That last Christmas morning was their first time at Collide and they have been around ever since!!! That was pretty cool to process!
* We see so many new faces each and every week its so awesome to see what God is doing through Collide!!!
* The message i hope spoke to those people who think that all religions are the same and that all roads lead to God…. Because when you really look close THEY DON’T! and it is the birth and death of Jesus Christ God come to earth that divides the teams! And how we have to decided is Jesus just a man or do we really BELIEVE that He was God come to earth to die undeservedly for sinful man so we could know Him!!

Over all tonight was a great night filled with fun games, great food and a great time of singing some Christmas classics and a point of decision for our students!
This was the end of 2009…. I wonder what God has planned for Student Impact in 2010!!! I pray that He expanse our thinking to dream bigger dreams than before realizing that He can and will do more than we can ask or imagine as we Seek and Follow His Will 🙂


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