This is Your Life

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…. Well Wednesday was our first Collide of 2010!!! You never know how the first week back is going to be… Students have been gone for three weeks, Some people wonder why, why would you take off THREE weeks… Here is why: I value my volunteers!!! The week following our last Collide of 2009 was the week before Christmas, which meant that the next week our leaders would be out with families for Christmas and the following week was New Years, another time for many family gatherings 🙂 We take off the third week because all the business is over and its time for one week that is actually a break from the business…. Also, it allows our students to get into the schools and settled into a new semester…. This was written to share one way we are trying to show our ministry partners (volunteers) that we value them!
A few high lights from our first Collide of 2010
* actually getting to meet greet and love more of our students! The split allows us to be so much more intentional with the MP’s we have to show Christ’s love to more students!
* Finding the Middle schoolers!! – its funny before the split we knew the existed but now we actually get to meet them and have them become a real part of our ministry!
* Meeting many new students! – we had a few new students – follow up will look different in 2010, that will be cool 🙂
* Preaching Truth! We talked about God’s Grace and allowing the Awe of His Grace to impact our lives so we can impact the world through what God is doing in this community and their schools!!!
* For worship Ben and the Team of amazing students lead and did an amazing job! – Jessi Verhook lead the song Jesus paid it all… One of my favorite songs! She nailed it!!
* We played one of the funniest games – We brought in a ladder and bought eggs and a HUGE magnifying glass!! The students stood on the ladder and had to drop the cracked egg onto the magnifying glass which was held over the head of their partner below!! It was hilarious! Some people really got slimmed!
* Our leaders are building relationships and showing Christ love to our students!!! It rocks!
* Again I get to work some really awesome and talented people!!! They make Ministry Aa blast!
Over all… GREAT FIRST COLLIDE OF 2010!!!!


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