My Ministry Goals

Alot of times when you are dreaming about something before you are able to experience something you are unsure of how they will actually turn out… That being said I recently found my old resume and I began to look it over… One of the cool things I was able to read was My Ministry Goals… This is kinda like the vision for what I believe i wan to accomplish while in ministry at any church…
Here is what I had wrote now over 3 years ago:

Ministry Goals:
To see students come into relationship with Jesus Christ
To help students mature in their relationship with Christ
To see students become actively involved in ministry
To be in one church long enough to graduate students

Reading these again brought me to question many things… Are these being accomplished? Is God using me? Did I write these before I really understood ministry and are these goals now to off base?? Have I gone away from what I wrote?! Are their new goals that happened, ones that I didn’t necessarily write but rather have been written for me by the systems I have stepped into… Have I been hitting the mark that I was feeling called to…

Reading through the goals that I wrote so long ago and now having almost two full years of ministry under my belt I believe that those Goals are still very valuable to me! NOT one of those goals has changed! Have they been challenged, sure they have… But did I expect anything different? Well maybe… lol…. But no not really… I came into ministry knowing that its never easy… That its the only Job where you have people from all directions and walks of life telling you what to do and where to go… Trying to make me change my goals and take what they seem to be “better” goals… Funny thing is… When it all boils down… We want the same thing…

But looking at each of the goals…
Over the past two years I have seen many students enter the church for the first time, people who are self-proclaimed atheist and people who are self proclaimed far from God… I have been able to see God working in their lives and drawing them in!!!
I have seen students taking next steps in their relationship with Christ! Students are sharing their faith! They are making a difference in their schools in the life of this community! Just the other day i heard of a student who was sharing their faith over their lunch hour… If you know this student and the transformation that God has done in this students life…. Man POWERFUL STUFF!!! A year ago this student didn’t know if they believed in God… Let alone share Him with someone at school…. yeah I know its just one kid… But thats more that some churches have in two…
Seeing students involved in ministry… Well my first year we did a youth service… The youth totally took over the main worship services.. it was a really cool day!!! God did some cool things in people’s lives that day!! We started a worship band.. made of students and an adult leader… We have a student creating amazing highlight videos and really using his God given talents!! We are starting a student leadership team very soon as well….
As for being in one church long enough to graduate my students… This one is not finished yet… Still have 4 more years to go:-)

So what are some of your life goals?
Can you take an honest hard look at what past goals you have set… How are they unfolding?


My Starbucks Addiction Part 2

So… As some of you (mom) might have read, I posted awhile back about how I was trying to lead change and feeling like while i was doing that, i wasn’t changing much… I realized that I was someone who was promoting a culture of change and wanting always be changing but I wasn’t doing much of that in my own life…. I felt that i was always doing a lot of the same things, TV shows, Food, The way I did my Time alone with God, What I drank at Starbucks…..

Soo… I realized… stuff in my life needs to change! If i’m not changing than i’m totally missing the point of what I believe! I believe we need to be changing… if were not changing were not growing!
Its true… If you are aren’t really reading God’s word then your not growing! If your not surrendering to the Lord and His leading you can’t be growing! So often we believe the lie that if just say we want to change but don’t put any action behind it you are practicing insanity! The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing expecting different results! If we really want to be growing! We must be changing!!!

This past few months… have been pretty awesome! I have been intentionally changing my lifestyle to allow Christ to do what He wants to do!

Change is HARD! People don’t like change! We love our comfort zones!!!! But Jesus never called us to play it safe! The Bible says without FAITH it is impossible to please God… YOu wanna know how to please God… USE YOUR FAITH! How do you do that…. Stepping out of your comfort zones 🙂

This past few months I have been in God’s Word drinking it in! I went through the Gospels and then started reading the Life Journal constantly again… There is nothing like taking God’s Word, reading it and putting it into action in your life! Let me be the first to remind you or share with you for the first time… ITS NOT EASY! This past few months have not been easy… These months have had their peaks and there have been some valley’s… But as hard as some of valleys have been… Knowing that moving from one peak to the next requires a trip down the valley hasn’t been so bad… I have the worlds greatest guide in Jesus leading me through…

So to summarize: I have enjoyed many different drinks at starbucks in my intentional change… I might have a new favorite… I also have learned more about the company Starbucks… Good stuff!!! My relationship with God is growing stronger every day as i have changed up the way i do devotions! Intentional change is hard and there is no gondola to the other side… And in the middle of the valley is no place to stay, We must change to GROW in Christ!