These are exciting times for the Neary family!   In my life i have always been about following the Lord where ever He leads. Through the hard times and the happy times, the joyful times and the sad, where ever He leads, near or far… as long as its Him leading im in!

Two years ago Grace and I packed up and followed the Lord out to the Brookings Wesleyan Church, in Brookings South Dakota. This has been an amazing two years and we have seen God do amazing things through us and in us. This time is now coming to an end.

Two months ago God began opening a door for us to return to the  Hamburg Wesleyan Church. This is a great church and the church Grace and I did our internship with during school. As God opened doors for us to return we followed Him.

I am very excited to announce that our family will be moving back to New York to join the Hamburg Wesleyan Church in ministry! I will be apart of the Student Ministry Team as the Middle School Pastor. Being a part of a youth team is something that I fell in love with while interning with the team at the Hub.

God has been revealing to us lately the importance of family. Being in South Dakota we has made it hard for us to be close with our families… The past year has been really hard on my family back home and our families as we now have Joel and grandparents want to see him. We are very excited that God has opened the door for us to return home 🙂

The timing of this move is very fast… My start date in Hamburg is August 15th…

We have already received manyvery kind words and encouragement as we make this transition and we are very excited for our next chapter in ministry! We will miss our friends in Brookings and will always be one facebook message or a phone call away 🙂 Like I said we are very excited to be closer to our families! My family will be about two hours from Hamburg and Grace will be about one hour from her family 🙂