Size Doesn’t Matter: Faith

I was reading in Mark 4 and the way Jesus talks about Faith in this chapter I found to be exciting and challenging…
Jesus is trying to get His disciples to understand that the size of your faith doesn’t matter, what matters is where you place it…
Because Jesus says if you have Faith the size of this: A Mustard Seed






That it can grow into this: A Mustard Tree!

What is interesting about this chapter is how later, Jesus is sleeping in a boat and a huge storm is throwing them around and waves are crashing. The disciples wake Him up and He goes and does His God thing and calms the storm…. But then He asks His disciples…”Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith”

Think about His statement in light of your situation today… Maybe today Jesus is asking you the same thing…

Why are you so afraid that God doesn’t see the economy, Put your faith in Him
Why are you so afraid that this year will be the same as last, Put your faith in God
Why are you so afraid that God doesn’t see your hurt, Put your faith in Him
Why are you so afraid that your relationship is falling apart, Put your faith in Him
Why are you so afraid that you will never find special someone, Put your faith in Him

Remember Jesus said

Here are two practical Faith steps if your caught in a storm.
1. Remember God is with you: The disciples had God riding the storm out with them… Yeah He was asleep but He was still there…. He is with you… He is with you… He is with you…
2. Don’t be afraid remember the Past: I sometimes have trouble with this, because most of us if we are honest, have a short term miracle memory. We often forget the blessings that the Lord has given us and the ways He has worked in the past. Or we compartmentalize them and think He can’t work in one situation the way He did before… Don’t be afraid, Trust Him and Remember that God is with you.

This passage was very encouraging to me today and I pray it was for you as well!!!

Check out the passage for yourself:
The Parable of the Mustard Seed, Jesus Calms the Storm

5 thoughts on “Size Doesn’t Matter: Faith

  1. Hi Tom,
    I am Jeannine. I was doing a creative commons search for a power point talk I’m giving on Bible Study. I was looking for photos of a mustard seed and tree, and your photos were outstanding. I would like to ask your permission to use them in my power point. What would be your requirements for such use? My talk will be in September, so I will need an answer at your earliest convenience. Thanks for your time, whatever your decisions.

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