TWO-A-DAYS: Intentionally spending time with God twice a day for two weeks.

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I love sports. I love watching and playing sports. I love being on a team and playing to win. In sports one of the most under appreciated part about your favorite teams is the preparation it took to get them where they are. To become a great team the most important part of the season is not the last few games but rather the fundamentals they learned in training camp. Training camp is where the coaches and players come together and build trust and gain the toughness that will carry throughout the season. The most important principle that must come of out of training camp is the player’s ability to listen to their coach. The season will have its ups and downs but what will carry the team through the down time is the talent to listen to the voice of their coach. The ability to listen to the coach is what separates the good players from the great players.

As I began to think about this real life situation in sports I started seeing so many parallels to our lives as Christ followers. The reality is many of us shift from year to year, season to season without stopping to spend intentional time with God, one on one with Him learning and listening for His voice outside our daily time with Him. With a new year underway I believe that it is so important for us each to spend intentional time with Lord reading His Word. This was a challenge that I put before our Middle School students and leaders and I believe will have an amazing impact on their lives. With God as our life coach it is His voice that we need to train our ears to hear, and how we do that is through reading His Word. Think about this: Athletes train for a sport that lasts a season; this two-week challenge is a season that lasts a lifetime! If you would like a reading guide please contact

For further reading check out:

  • Luke 6:47-49
  • John 6:63
  • Psalms 119:9-10