The Power of a ANTI-Anonymity culture

Have you ever been doing something and realize that you have a song stuck in your head… And after  that thought you think, wow this song has been stuck in my head for, hours, days, weeks?

This happend to my wife and I, after weeks ago we saw the State Farm commercial, the one with the cheers theme song. The one with the line “I wanna go to a place where everybody knows your name”… I will include a link at the bottom…

But as I was repeating the song in my head after watching the images of people all alone in a crowd or all alone in an emergency I was reminded of the power of community. The importance of learning names, especially in youth ministry.

One thing that I will always remember as a part of the many youth activities I was apart of as teenager is the “name game”. This was the least spiritual thing we did but it was one of the most important things we did! The more community we built the easier it was to share with our group.. Because, students want to go to a place where people know their name. So simple but very powerful game:)

Can you blame them? I want to go to a place where people know my name, it shows that im not just a face in the crowd! I think you do to!

Individually we might not know every name, but collectively each student will have one leader who knows their name…

Insider informaton: Things that have helped me remember names

* Repeat the name after they have been given (in your head or actually use their name right away)

* After the program is over try to remember the faces and names of the new people you met

* If you think you remember the name, go for it, with confidence, if your wrong they will forgive you but if your right they will be so excited!

* Bud, Buddy, Dude, Girl, Girly, Hey You, HEY HEY HEY… Those names have a shelf life of about 2 meetings, suck it up, go admit you forgot their name and need to hear it again…

Enjoy the clip, hope it helps you think about our ministry, your small group, your interaction with His kids 🙂