Nobody Else Would Say It….

Here goes… Since you said…
I could ask you anything….
The first time I saw you…. I thought you respected yourself more then you have displayed on Facebook…
Truth Is…. On here we all want to be accepted, but sadly you can be accepted but still not respected or what we really want: to be loved…
And before you LMS… I’m speaking the truth…
Don’t… inbox me with numbers… Because we allready know you have friends, no need to prove yourself…
I might sound crazy but at your age your not ready for a… FB Marriage… Just a warning with a lack of commitment, things will only get more “Complicated” maybe you should just be friends….
Speaking of friends: Yes, they sent you a “friend request”… But if they won’t talk to your Face, they probably are not your real friends…

If you are totally confused by this… This is a response to many of the posts on Facebook that students post to fill time infront of their computer when they could be building into real friendships in person!


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