3 Tips to Volunteer Effectively in Student Ministry!!!

1. Keep The First Things First

This is very important, Chances are if you are in youth ministry, you are in because you are full of energy and love to have fun and in some ways we have not fully grown up yet (thankfully). But the down side to those things is that often we get distracted and side tracked very quickly.  Volunteering as you know is not a paid position in the church. But volunteers are one of the most important privileges you can have because of the direct INFLUENCE you have on others. With your influence you are showing, teaching, modeling what Following Jesus looks like and the difference He makes in our lives. Keeping the first things first is all about your relationship with Jesus, allowing Him to work in YOUR HEART as you point students to Him. Are you spending time in God’s Word? Are you growing? What advice would you give to a student who was living your life? Keeping the First Things First means that everything we do, we do for Jesus because He gave to us! We must live lives that honor God.

2. Be A Leader Before You Are A Friend

This one is simple: The students, they have enough friends, they don’t need another friend. What students really need is people who can guide them and lead them to make wise choices with their lives. They need adults who are willing to speak truth into their lives because they have been down that road before. If you remember back to when you were a teenager, the people you RESPECTED were the most fun. The adults who tried to act like teenagers were the ones you laughed at… Its a tention but it is very important to be a leader before you are their friend. Being a leader first eventually the relationship will turn into a friendship, but a relationship born out of friendship will be a challenge to turn toward leadership.

3. Make The Most Of The Time

The youth pastor can’t make you connect with students, the students can’t make you have fun. Students feed of the energy of their leaders. If you are excited to learn and excited to be there, they will follow your lead. They are desiring for YOU to be involved and show them why you signed up to be apart of the student ministry! When students see leaders only talking to other leaders they feel devalued. I remember feeling that way when I was a student… Its not fun…  If you signed up because you want to serve God through student ministry then make the most of your time and talk with the students!!! Before and after the youth group time is when volunteers meet and hang out. During the program it can not be stressed enough, remember why you signed up (FOR THE STUDENTS) and be intentional to be with them! The students want to talk to you, maybe not all of them… BUT most do!!!

I hope this is encouraging to you as you volunteer in student ministry wherever you are in the world! Working with students is one of the greatest responsibilities in world because it effects the rest of their lives and eternity!!! Incase nobody else has said it… THANK YOU FOR SERVING THE LORD THROUGH LOVING HIS TEENAGERS!

Thank you for stopping by!!!