What is Love?

 One Sunday morning recently I sitting on my bed and my son brought his Bible over to me and asked if I would read it to him… Of course I took him up on this offer because I value his desire him to read from Gods Word.

So I begin reading it and point to a picture of Jesus.
Joel (2.5yrs) looks at me straight faced and said: “Daddy, I love Jesus”… Of course being a Christ Follower, &  Pastor I was pretty excited to hear him say that, even though I know he might not fully understand what that means… Just hearing him say that was pretty special…

I am not one to let a teachable moment pass by, I asked him, since we had the Bible open, “do you want to read more about Jesus?” His response still has me laughing as he said:


What a difference a few seconds makes!!!
Lets just say ,I wasn’t having a proud dad moment anymore…
As soon as he said that I was reminded of the times where I have been all “I Love Jesus” and then never taken the time to grow in our relationship by getting into His Word…

What Is Love if I never spend anytime getting to know the other person? Getting to know God?

I hope this funny little story challenged you like it challenged me… Let’s not just say “I love Jesus”and then ignore the letter God wrote that explains our situation and His Sacrifice and His Love and His Forgiveness…

What is Love? Open the Bible and you will find out!!!


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