Stick it to your kids!!!

blank_sticky_noteSo you want to show your teenage you love them? But your stumped because anything you say they don’t believe and anything you try to do they pretend to be bored…

Here is a simple idea to help your teen realize you love them in the most unusual but important ways!!!

– A Sharpie
– A Stack Of Sticky Notes

What to do:
While your teenager is out of the house, take the supplies mentioned and go to the bathroom your child uses the most…
Fill the mirror with positive messages speaking Gods Truth into them and how beautiful they are and how much you value them as apart of your family!!!

I talk to many parents and teenagers with the same issue, we don’t know where to start to get our relationship back on track with “my mom and dad” with “my son or daughter”… This is one of those activities that opens doors of communication, maybe not at first… But you watch… Those sticky notes will be on that mirror for a long time and every day they stay up the more they will know “My Parents Really Love Me”

Give it a shot:-)
If you have ever done anything like this or if you have found an effective way to open closed lines of communications between parents and their teenagers please share!


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