Size Matters: Goal Setting


When New Years roles around every year I usually think of something that I want to change in my life. I think most of us do. Its a fresh start… We all like fresh starts…

We need fresh starts!!!

This year my goals were focused in three areas: Family, Faith and Fitness (Come on I’m a preacher, its in our blood) With those three areas I looked honestly at where I was currently, where I wanted to be and then I committed to the daily grind to accomplish the goals.

Now that I have completed two months of chasing these goals I believe its time to reveal some of them slowly and evaluate where I am at.


So for Fitness: My Goal is to run 30 Miles each month of 2013. Two months in and I have been both very excited about this goal as well as scared I was not going to make it. January was a huge month for run mileage, I ran 50+ Miles. But then February rolled around, everything got incredibly busy… I did not get to my first run until February 9th… and my second run on the 17th… Half way through February I had only run 4.1 miles…

I thought for sure that I would end up failing this goal, there were moments were I felt that the goals I made were not solid… I was tempted to give in and fail… This month really tested my level of excuse production… In the old me I would make so many excuses and not worry about following through with my goal… But this is a NEW YEAR! 

I am reminded of Philippians 1:6 “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”

I recommitted myself to my goals and the completion of them…I met my goal on February 25th & February 28th, I ran my last run for a total Mileage count of: 32.98m!!!!

This month I learned: “If you tell yourself you can’t finish a task without any effort to complete it, you are cheating yourself”


Next Month: I will be evaluating my FAITH Section of my goals! Just a hint… I used to believe the lie: I Don’t need to read the Bible everyday, because you want to read for quality not quantity… But I have come to realize that you never know when quality will strike… So we must be reading God’s Word and allowing it to SPEAK to me and shape my life.





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