Wrestling with Dad…

The other day Joel, our three year old, wanted to wrestle.
This is pretty normal he loves it… He can’t get enough… There is one problem…

He always looses…

Every time…
I win ALL wrestling matches ever….

But the other day I realized something, I might win every time….

That does not stop him from wrestling just as hard the next time….
No matter how quickly he lost, he gets up thinking “this could be the time that I win”…
He doesn’t look at his past failures, his miserable losses, he thinks he can win… Every time we face off..

Wrestling with dad is teaching Joel endurance and the courage to get up and try again…

What if we all lived like that, so stubborn, so naive to our past, so excited about the future… So quick to jump back in give it another chance.

As his dad I know, with every wrestling match, he gets stronger… It really is only a matter or time before he beats me…

Because…. He did not give up when he lost…

To be encouraged by Gods Word,
Check out: Luke 18:1-8


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