Love Alone Will Win This Fight…

I have been bullied, as a kid, a teenager, as a young adult and as an adult….

I have also been a bully…

WHY was I a bully… How dare YOU be a bully…

I was a bully because I have been hurt… I was so hurt by bullying and didn’t forgive that I did what I knew… How to hurt others…

BUT something happened…. Adults, people I looked up to, they loved me… They showed me kindness that I was not showing others… They loved the bully… Me…

This set the stage for me to realize who I had hurt and how I had hurt them…. This made me want to show kindness to others where there was hate, to love others where there was pain… and FORGIVENESS where there was brokeness…

How do we stop bullying…
We begin to do what Jesus has done for us, SHOW UNDESERVED LOVE and FORGIVENESS those who have hurt us…

I Love Bullies because if I want to be part of the Hope Jesus has brought to this world!

Loved people Love People and Forgiven People Forgive People….

Loving the victims is easy (and necessary) BUT if we want to really change what we all agree is broken, we must learn to love the way Jesus love… When love is NOT deserved!

1 John 3:18
Romans 5:8
Ephesians 4:32
Matthew 18:21-35



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