Here We Go…

So, I am leaving on a Jet Plane… I am hoping I won’t be back…. The same person I was when I left…

Many have asked, If I am afraid of going… Not Really… I am honestly more afraid of NOT going… Leaving is scary but you know, not leaving is even more scary to me….
Who knows what I might have missed out on if I had stayed…

I talked with a friend earlier about Obedience and acting out of Obedience to do what God has called, gifted and prepared you to do… We both agreed that Obedience in the tough times of life is both uncomfortable and necessary for growth in your relationship with Jesus… So I will go in Obedience…

Obedience to go, when “my work” is here.
Obedience to go, when the summer just got two weeks shorter.
Obedience to go, when the unknown is there and known is here.
Obedience to go, when the hugs from my children and beautiful wife are here.

Am I afraid nope. Why because I know I am loved by Jesus and I am willing to be obedient to His call, and the doors He opens… He. is. Faithful. Always.

I read this passage this morning and it encouraged me. I hope it does the same for you:
Psalm 108:12b-13a
All human help is useless. 
With God’s help we will do mighty things

Please Pray: 
For my team: We will be working a youth camp, we will need His Help
For me: That I experience Him and His Love in greater ways than I can imagine
For my family: Grace and the kids, Especially Tyler (He’s Two Year Old Bruiser)