Everyone was thinking it, Nobody said anything… Hopefully you will listen…

MIDDLE SCHOOLERS: These pictures floating around saying SHARE if you love Jesus… If three of the four pictures do not represent Jesus (examples: porn, Satan, insert inappropriate image)

In no way does the sharing of these photos show you love Jesus…
We don’t prove our love for Jesus through the sharing of a Facebook photo anyways…

PLEASE WATCH WHAT YOU SHARE…. Read Philippians 4:8 before you shareANYTHING if you need a filter….

Better than not sharing, it would serve you well just un-friend those picture sites, and don’t waste time looking at those things…

Oh yeah and… “Shut up and Kiss me” – That phrase is said by NO happily married couple EVER…



Through the StormBeing a Middle School Pastor I see many students involved in dramatic experiences. I am writing this blog to offer three ways for you the Middle School Student to avoid engaging in drama So here goes:-)

The first understand is THAT: Drama doesn’t find YOU, You find DRAMA… 

To truly avoid DRAMA you must decide NOT to listen to rumors. When that guy or girl calls and you know they have dirt on everyone and they love to share it, Ignore the call!!! Don’t return the TXT message… This will help you because you wont believe all the lies and rumors that are started. BUT this will also help because it will force the Drama King or Queen to stop talking about other people, because nobody will listen to them. Drama finds you every time you listen instead of ignoring the rumor source.

The second: Don’t treat your friendships like cool wrapping paper.

Birthdays & Christmas gifts are awesome but have you ever thought about how you see the presents and they are cool looking… But the moment you get what you want out of it the wrapping paper is tossed and you never want to see it again. To often I see Middle School Students treating each other in this way. Remember: YOU ALL HAVE FEELINGS. The faster you pick up and dump friends the more you get hurt and hurt each other. When you have friendships that hit hiccups and times get rough, communicate with the source, value your friendship enough to speak to your friends directly.

Lastly, Don’t be a Drama King or Queen….

I know this sounds simple and obvious but the truth is… If you want people to like you and you want to be a positive influence in the lives of people, you must be TRUSTWORTHY… You must prove over and over to have the character of trustworthiness… I have heard it said that trust takes a lifetime to build and second to loose. When people tell you things in confidence, keep them in confidence, when you notice things about people that could be juicy gossip, don’t share it… Keep their confidence (Unless its a situation where someone is getting hurt, then you need to talk with a TRUSTED ADULT).

Remember, in Middle School, your world is like the shifting sand in the sea…  Drama will come and go but warning to the ones who allow it to start and those who don’t stop it… You will get a reputation that will be nearly impossible to shake…

Pastor Tom

The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg: Middle School Pastor 

Stick it to your kids!!!

blank_sticky_noteSo you want to show your teenage you love them? But your stumped because anything you say they don’t believe and anything you try to do they pretend to be bored…

Here is a simple idea to help your teen realize you love them in the most unusual but important ways!!!

– A Sharpie
– A Stack Of Sticky Notes

What to do:
While your teenager is out of the house, take the supplies mentioned and go to the bathroom your child uses the most…
Fill the mirror with positive messages speaking Gods Truth into them and how beautiful they are and how much you value them as apart of your family!!!

I talk to many parents and teenagers with the same issue, we don’t know where to start to get our relationship back on track with “my mom and dad” with “my son or daughter”… This is one of those activities that opens doors of communication, maybe not at first… But you watch… Those sticky notes will be on that mirror for a long time and every day they stay up the more they will know “My Parents Really Love Me”

Give it a shot:-)
If you have ever done anything like this or if you have found an effective way to open closed lines of communications between parents and their teenagers please share!