Trust Not In Me: But In You Oh Lord

If you think about all things in our lives we put our trust in you should come to the conclusion that we are a very trusting people! We trust in so many things!
Just this weekend at LifeLight (large music festival) I trusted in my cell phone so much! I mean I used it to connect with people I hadn’t seen in months and those who I had just seen at church the other day! My cell phone never left my side! I trusted that it would be the form of communication I would use to connect me to the people i was looking for!
I trusted also in my van… its sorta a miracle van but thats another story… I trusted that it would start and that it would transport me from home to the festival and back again!

Thankfully both of these things met up to my expectations and neither of them broke down… which leads me to wonder… Maybe I forgotten about life before a reliable cell phone or a semi reliable van… Maybe I forgot what it was like to not know if I would meet up with my friends because the last time I talked with them was the night before we left for the festival on my home phone… Or not knowing if the van would make it all the way back and forth to the festival…

Have I forgot what its like to actually have to trust?

As I reflect on that I begin to wonder about my relationship with God… Applying the same question I ask: have i forgotten what is to trust in God?

Do I put more confidence in myself? Have we as humans become lost in the connivence of things and stuff and the availability of Christian opportunities that we forgot what it truly means to trust God…

Ps. 62:8 says: Trust in Him at all times, O people pour out your hearts to to him, for God is our refuge…..

This verse says that we are suppose to put our trust in Him at all times… But when I look at my life is that how I live? Is that how you live?

What are you doing in your life that causes you to trust Him?
What stands have you taken for Christ that causes you to trust in Him?

Its pretty easy to be a christian here in America… does that mean we put our trust for God on the back shelf? NO but it does mean that it could end up there if we are not careful… If we are not careful we might end up treating God like a cell phone or a van, just another thing in our routine we call life….

Take a moment today and evaluate who and what you place your trust!
Don’t trust in stuff… Don’t Trust in me
Trust in Him Trust in the Lord at all times pour out your heart to Him….


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